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This page is dedicated to requests from our users.

We aim to provide you with constant new material, but if the song you want is not listed yet, you can ask for it right here.

Just provide the song title, as well as the artist that composed or played it and we will take your demand in consideration.

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About the requests hosts a large number of piano sheets and our community is constantly adding new ones. But there can be songs that our users didn't add just yet, for various reasons, such as it not being requested yet, not intended specifically for piano or they just overlooked it.

In that case, let our community know if you want anything listed and they will immediately start the process for uploading the requested sheet music.

We take the requests you make seriously and we will usually deliver the pdf with the song's notes that you want in 24 hours, but in special cases it can take as much as 72 hours, or more.

So please be patient and, just in a few days, you will have the way to play your desired song on the piano.

Be sure to check if the song already exists on using our search option and, if you can't find it, let us know via the form below. Aside from the artist name and the song title, we require you to provide us with your name and e-mail address.

The information you send to us will be left anonymous, we will in no way use it for other purposes than letting you know when the sheet you requested is available.

No third parties will be involved whatsoever.

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Do not be hesitant to request songs that are not intended specifically for piano. already hosts scores for various songs and artists, from the classics such as Mozart, Beethoven or Tchaikovsky to modern artists such as Eminem, Lady Gaga, Rihanna or Justin Bieber.

If it can be played on piano, we will do our best to provide the sheet music to you as fast as possible!

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Please allow us up to 72hrs to respond to your requests. This could take more if we have to many requests on our hands. We usually deliver in under 24hrs.