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"Amie" is a single from the American soft rock group Pure Prairie League.

The song was recorded in the year 1972 to be released with their album "Bustin Out".

The song was only released in 1973, as their debut single.

Due to its popularity along college radio stations, RCA Records re-signed their contract with Pure Prairie League, which they had previously dropped.

Re-signing the contract was a very important moment for the band, since they were now able to release more singles, receive more promotion and therefore, more popularity. This led to the song being broadcasted on many more radio stations and be enjoyed by a larger public than ever before.

"Amie" is Pure Prairie League’s most successful single. It has opened the path to popularity, gained them the public’s appreciation and positive reactions from music critics. It’s especially this single that made the band imprint in the music industry for many decades.

The song was produced by Robert Alan Ringe and written by Craig Fuller. It has a length of four minutes and twenty-three seconds and it’s a mixture of country rock and soft rock. Pure Prairie League is an important part of the country rock industry and "Amie" is one of the genre’s most popular and successful singles.

Critics made many comments regarding "Amie" as most of them considered it a very good single and the band’s signature song.

The single received mainly positive reviews: Mike DeGagne named it "a charming little country-pop tune". Rock historian John Einarson called it "a classic of the country rock genre" and Scott Miller said that the song is "quintessentially 1972" and "lovely".

Pure Prairie League embarked in many tours nationwide and offered live performances of the single, especially among colleges. They represented Amie's most devoted audience and helped it become popular throughout the country.

The single peaked number 27 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and 19 on the RPM Adult Contemporary, in Canada.

Over the years, many artists and bands made covers after "Amie", such as: Lonestar on their album "Crazy Nights", in 1997 and Brent Anderson, in 2011, with the single "Amy’s Song".

"Amie" is definitely one of the most successful singles of the country rock genre and stood the test of time for decades.

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