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Today we wanted to go way back in time and listen to some arena rock with the 73’s rock band Journey.

Journey was formed in San Francisco in 1973 by Santana, Steve Miller Band, and Frumious Bandersnatch.

They have been active since then, singing great rock – hard, soft, jazz, progressive, and so on.

The band released a series of hit songs, like for example Open Arms, Don’t Stop Believin’, Faithfully, and many others.

We chose for today’s article their song Faithfully, which was the second single from the band’s album named Frontiers.

The free Faithfully piano sheet music was released also as a single, having four other singles on its B-side: Frontiers, Back Talk, Edge of the Blade, Send Her My Love.

It was released in April 1983 through Columbia records, as a soft rock music genre song.

Faithfully was written by the band’s keyboardist Jonathan Cain and produced by Kevin Elson and Mike Stone.

The song embraced incredible success, peaking at number 12 on the Billboard Hot 100, and was loved by the public and critics.

The interesting fact about the free Faithfully piano sheets is that despite featuring no chorus, the song became one of the band’s most recognizable hits and was worldwide famous and considered the greatest power ballad ever recorded.

With a length of 4:24 minutes, Faithfully was written in the key of B major, with a tempo of 65 beats per minute in common time.

The song’s tale is about how family life can be sometimes, describing the difficulties of raising children, staying faithful as an artist, when touring is brought up.

The beautiful promise of the artists from the song sounds like this: "I'm forever yours... Faithfully."

Because of its success, the song has been used in media in movies and TV Shows, and it has been covered by many famous artists, such as Lorrie Morgan, Lagwagon, or Rob Thomas.

Piano tutorial and cover

Faithfully - Journey piano tutorial

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