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Whenever you feel in the mood for a powerful, romantic song, Robbie Williams is, usually, the best fit.

He is an English singer and songwriter and he sings mainly pop and soft rock.

Active in the music industry since 1989, Robbie Williams has provided the public and fans with great songs.

Feel is a song by Williams, released in October 2002, as part of his fifth studio album named Escapology.

The song was recorded in 1999 as part of the pop-rock music genre and has a length of 4:24 minutes in its original album version, and has been shortened at 3:43 minutes for the radio edit.

Once released, the free Feel piano sheet music exploded in the music world and instantly became an international hit.

It reached the top of the charts in many countries, among which we can name Poland, Italy, Austria, and Germany.

Feel was produced by Guy Chambers and Steve Power, and was written by Robbie Williams and Guy Chambers.

The producer loved the song, declaring that in his opinion:

It's a deep lyric. I think it's one of his best lyrics

The composition of the free Feel piano sheets stays simple, concentrating on guitar, bass, piano, and vocals, composed in the key of F Major.

The song was also covered by other artists, for example, Ricky Ord in 2015, and it was also featured in the popular culture, in commercials such as Cathay Pacific’s 2009-2010 advertisement campaign.

The music video made for Feel was directed by Vaughan Arnell and features Robbie Williams in cowboy-style clothing.

The video is shot in Sundre, Canada, in black and white and is the most loved one, even if there is also another version of the same video, filmed in color.

The black and white version is actually the only version available in Vevo through William’s official YouTube channel.

We thought of "what would you feel" if we put at your disposal all the materials you need so you can start playing Feel at your piano right now.

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Feel - Robbie Williams piano tutorial

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