Morris Albert - Feelings sheet music

Morris Albert is one of the best Brazilian singers.

He is also a songwriter, and best known for his single Feelings, which we are going to talk about today.

Morris Albert sings mainly pop and soft rock and he plays vocals, guitar, and piano.

The free Feelings piano sheet music is a song by Morris Albert, released in 1974, as part of his debut album named After We’ve Left Each Other.

It was released as a soft rock music genre single, with a length of 3:46 minutes.

The song was released by the Copacabana and RCA Victor record labels and was produced by Morris Albert and co-written by him and Louis Gaste.

The song is known worldwide by the "whoa whoa whoa" chorus, regarding the artist’s capacity of forgetting his love feelings.

Once released, the free Feelings piano sheets had great international success, performing in many countries, like the UK, the US, and Europe.

The song reached number 5 in Australia, number 6 in Belgium, number 4 in New Zealand, and topped the charts in many other countries.

The interesting fact about the song’s lyrics is that in 1985, Louis Gaste successfully sued Morris Albert for plagiarism.

He told the public that the tune was taken from his song named Pour Toi, and because he won, he is now credited as the song’s co-author.

Because of the Feelings’ success, the song was covered by other artists also and very interesting versions got out there.

The most notable ones would be the one by Shirley Bassey in 1976 and the one by Walter Jackson.

Feelings was also used in The Gong Show, in a Pepsi commercial in 1990, and a beautiful instrumental version is featured in the 2020 Genshin Impact video game.

We are happy to offer you all the available information about the Feelings song, so you can learn and try playing it on your piano at home.

Piano tutorial and cover

Feelings - Morris Albert piano tutorial

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