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Our databases include many music artists from all around the world and we keep on adding new material every week. There certainly are lots of songs that we have not listed yet and we would appreciate any help from you.

By doing this, you are helping us share piano music with people from every continent of the world and you should do so if you stumbled upon material that we do not have yet on

Please be sure to check out if the sheet you want to submit already exists on and, in case it doesn't, be convinced that we thank you for your contribution and will make our best to list it on the website as soon as possible.

The form that you have to fill is pretty basic. It requires you to type in the song title and the artist's name, as well as uploading the file in a Adobe PDF formar, together with a picture file of your choice, be it the artist or anything else related to the song.

A video link for the song, as well as a short song description must be provided as well, in order for us to verify the origin and originality of the song.

You can choose to contribute to anonymously, but we surely do appreciate you giving us your name or e-mail address. We will not use your information in any way and no third parties will be involved.

You will only receive an e-mail containing thanks for your contribution, as soon as the song that you provided us with is made available on

By sending us piano material, you must agree to the Terms and Conditions, that are available in a link down below, together with the Privacy policy and Uploader Agreement. This is legally required, even if we do not have anything to gain from posting piano music.

We appreciate your understanding and hope you will help us make the piano lovers happy, any contribution is important, even a single piano sheet can make hundreds and thousands of users happy.

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