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Christopher John Davidson, by his stage name Chris de Burgh, is a British artist.

He was born in October 1948 in Santa Fe, and he has been a singer and songwriter from 1974 until the present.

His career is outlined by several top 40 hits in the UK and the US, but he is mostly known for his mega-hit named Lady in Red, the love song from 1986.

Chris de Burgh has sold more than 45 million albums worldwide and had 21 studio albums until 2021.

He mainly sings art rock, pop, and soft rock and he plays vocals, guitar, and piano.

The biggest success of Chris de Burgh is The Lady in Red song. It was released in 1986 as part of the album named Into the Light and it was going to be one of the worldwide known and loved love songs ever.

Actually, The Lady in Red is the song that brought Chris de Burgh all his fame. The song hit the world and became his signature song.

The Lady in Red has a length of 4:17 minutes and it was written by Chris de Burgh and produced by Paul Hardiman.

The story behind the free Lady in Red piano sheets is about Chris’s wife – Diane. She used to watch him perform at his parent’s hotel.

The song is about the memory of seeing her for the first time, and it is like a hymn to the fact that men always forget what their ladies wear.

The Lady in Red has a music video, a studio performance featuring an illustration, and a woman in red with curly hair. It also features Chris de Burgh singing on a stage.

The video follows the lyrics showing the lady, her eyes, her hair.

The free Lady in Red piano sheet music has a Spanish version released by de Burgh in 1987 and also an orchestral version recorded in 1995, for his twelfth album.

Having an easy and melodic line, The Lady in Red is sounded perfect played at the piano, so you should give it a try.

Piano tutorial and cover

The Lady in Red - Chris de Burgh piano tutorial

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