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One of the greatest voice God gave us in the history of music is Paul McCartney. Paul is an English artist, born in June 1942.

He is a musician, singer, songwriter, and film producer. He was the lead vocalist and bassist for the Beatles.

Their partnership remains the most successful band in history.

They fall apart in 1970 and since then Paul followed a solo career, until the present.

His most favorite music genres are rock, pop, classical, and electronic and he plays vocals, bass guitar, guitar, and keyboards.

Your Mother Should Know is one of his songs, released in November 1967 as part of the Beatles album named Magical Mystery Tour.

The song has a length of 2:29 minutes and belongs to the music hall and vaudeville-rock music genre. It was released under the Capitol label in the US.

Your Mother Should Know title comes from a line from the movie A Taste of Honey, in 1961, and the story behind the song is, according to Paul, the understanding and respect for a mother’s life experience.

The message of the song is very touching and send a very important idea out there in the world, about generation barriers and how an argument between a mother and her child could have enduring consequences for their relationship.

The song was very well received by the public and critics, even though there were some comments about it, is considered by some as cultural satire, because the Beatles are seen dancing and dressed in white tuxedos.

Looking into the free Your Mother Should Know piano sheets composition, we know that it was written in the key of A minor and its time signature is 4/4.

The instrumental part is amazing and has been considered to be a:

syncopated ascending octave-arpeggiation of a minor triad

Elements present in the song are vocals, piano and bass guitar by Paul, backing vocals and Hammond organ by John Lennon, guitar and backing vocals by George Harrison, and drums, tambourine by Ringo Starr.

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