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Daniel Bevilacqua, by his stage name Christophe, was a French singer and songwriter, born in Paris in 1945.

He started his career in 1963 with his not-so-successful first song – Reviens Sophie, but he continued and released his second and very successful single – Aline, in 1965.

Christophe sang mainly French pop and chanson and played guitar, vocals, and keyboards. Unfortunately, he died after a critical phase of COVID-19 in April 2020.

Today we are going to talk about one of his most successful songs – Aline.

The free Aline piano sheet music was one of the two big hits in France during the summer of 1965.

It was released in 1965 along with the song Capri c’est fini, by Herve Villard. Once released, Aline sold one million records.

Once released, Aline reached number one in September 1965 in Belgium’s top ten, number one in Israel, and after that in many other countries.

It became a "substantial hit", and it was absolutely loved by the public and critics.

It was also used in TV commercials like Volkswagen in 2017, featured as a background sound.

The song was released as a pop music genre song, released by the Disc’AZ and Motors record labels.

Aline has a length of 2:47 minutes in its original version and was considered a slow, romantic ballad.

The free Aline piano sheets were written by Christophe and arranged by Jacques Dejean, and it finally became Christophe’s favorite song.

The funny story behind the name of the song is that the author wrote the song while visiting his grandmother for lunch, he did not know what title to choose and when he went to the dentist the first time, he found out the name of his assistant – Aline.

At that moment, he absolutely loved the sound of the name, so he decided to use it as the title of his favorite song.

Aline is now present on our website too, so you can try playing it on your piano at home.

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Aline - Christophe piano tutorial

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