Evanescence - Together Again sheet music

Evanescence, the American rock band formed in Little Rock in 1995, brings us today a great hit of theirs- Together Again.

Evanescence is made out of five members – Amy Lee, Tim McCord, Will Hunt, Troy McLawhorn, and Jen Majura.

They sing mainly alternative metal, gothic rock, and hard rock and they have been active since 1995 until the present.

Together Again is a song released by Evanescence, as part of their second studio album named The Open Door.

The free Together Again piano sheet music was released in February 2010 on iTunes, in order to support Haiti, because of the earthquake they suffered. Later, the song was also released on the 2016 album named Lost Whispers.

The song was released by the Wind-Up Records label, it has a length of 3:18 minutes and it was composed by Dave Fortman.

Once released, Together Again reached number 11 on the Rock Digital Songs chart, number 86 on the Billboard Canadian Hot 100, and number 68 on Hot Digital Songs.

The story behind the song, as Amy Lee declared, is that it is the Narnia Song and it was inspired by the movie.

Together Again was rejected though by the film directors, also declaring that she was never asked to compose any music for the film.

The story behind the lyrics of the free Together Again piano sheets is about leaving home knowing it may not be there when you return, and the attraction to something frightening and wonderful far away from there.

It also describes the power of leaving and saying goodbye but feeling hopeful.

Maybe, the controversial story of the song makes it special and as Amy Lee says, it deserves a great home, as it is a wonderful song.

Together Again has a really long instrumental intro and is considered the perfect Segway into the last song on Evanescence’s album.

You can now enjoy it on our website also. We made it available for you.

Piano tutorial and cover

Together Again - Evanescence piano tutorial

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