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Let yourself relax and enjoy the evening at your piano at home, with the charming song we prepared for you – the free All Too Well piano sheets, by Taylor Swift.

In 2004, Taylor Swift was debuting in the music world, through Sony/ATV Music Publishing.

Swift signed a songwriting contract with the studio and released her eponymous debut album in 2006.

Taylor Swift sings pop, country, folk, rock and alternative music genres and she plays the guitar, banjo, piano, and ukulele.

Among the most successful songs by Taylor Swift, we can name Love Story, I Knew You Were Trouble, Shake It Off or All Too Well.

Going back to our song, we will give you some technical details about the free All Too Well piano sheet music, so maybe it would be easier for you to understand it and play it at your piano at home.

The song was released by Taylor Swift together with her fourth studio album named Red – 2012.

All Too Well was released through Big Machine studio in October 2012 as a ballad belonging to the country folk and power pop music genre song.

The original length of All Too Well was 10 minutes, but Swift collaborated with Liz Roze in order to trim the song to the final length of 5:28 minutes.

The story behind the lyrics of All Too Well tells the story of a romantic relationship and its dissolution.

Once released, All Too Well was absolutely loved by critics, fans and media, being considered Taylor Swift’s greatest song.

Looking into the song’s composition, we can learn that it was set in the key of C major, with a tempo of 94 beats per minute, and the artist’s vocals range from F3 to D5.

The song incorporates elements like electric guitars, keyboard, drums and bass.

Because of its success, you can find the song covered by many other famous artists.

We strongly encourage you to try All Too Well at your piano at home, as we made it available for you starting today.

Piano tutorial and cover

All Too Well - Taylor Swift piano tutorial

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