Amy Winehouse - Back To Black sheet music

Back To Black can be considered a classic song, a dark song, or a deep one. Your choice.

Today we are going to share with you some interesting facts and details about the song and put at your disposal all the materials for you to properly learn how to play this song.

Amy Winehouse was an English artist, acting as a singer, and songwriter.

She is loved and appreciated for her deep, expressive contralto vocals and her unique mix of musical genres, playing soul, jazz, or R&B.

Back To Black is the leading single from her album with the same name - Back To Black, the second and final studio album.

The song was released under the Island Records label in April 2007 and was written by Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson, with the production of the latter.

The interesting fact about the free Back To Black piano sheet music is that it was inspired by Amy Winehouse’s relationship, with her lover who left her for an ex-girlfriend.

The free Back To Black piano sheets have a length of 4:00 minutes and belongs to the soul and r&b music genres.

It features a slow tempo and explores elements of old-school soul music.

The sound and beat have been described as from the 1960s.

The lyrics express feelings of hurt and bitterness, but she stays strong, saying a sad but strong goodbye to a sick relationship.

Unfortunately, some critics compared the song storyline with the boyfriend being addicted to cocaine instead of another woman, and maybe Amy refers to that when crying about her boyfriend going back to "her".

Back To Black was and still is a very successful song, being covered by many famous artists, one of the best versions being Beyonce’s – in 2013.

Other versions we could mention are the one by Amanda Lear in 2009, Mark Ronson in 2011, or Miley Cyrus.

There would be many other interesting things to tell about Back To Black, but we will let you live your own version, played by you at your piano, with the help of our materials available on our website.

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Back To Black - Amy Winehouse piano tutorial

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