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Hoobastank, also known as h∞bastank is an American rock band, active in the world of music since 1994.

The band has four members: Doug Robb, Dan Estrin, Chris Hesse, and Jesse Charland.

They sing mainly rock and funk metal.

The Reason is one of their greatest hits, released as a power ballad.

The song was released in January 2004 and it is part of Hoobastank’s second studio album named The Reason, the same as the song itself.

This hit is their most commercially successful one.

Once released, the song peaked at number two on the US Billboard Hot 100 and at number one in Italy.

The Reason peaked in the top ten in many other countries, as it was loved by the public and critics.

Looking into the free The Reason piano sheets composition, we can see that it belongs to the alternative rock and pop-rock music genres, it has a length of 3:53 minutes and it was released by Mercury and Island record labels.

The song has a really interesting melody line and rhythm, and transmits various feelings, as the story of the song is actually sad.

The story behind the lyrics talks about a late moment in time when someone finds a reason to change, to start over again in life, and to let go of unpleasant ways of being and living.

The most lovely part of the song is the one when he says that "the reason is you".

Because of its success, the free The Reason piano sheet music was featured in media in some TV shows, movies, and commercials such as Friends or the SingStar video game.

The music video was directed by Brett Simon and it features the band members stage a diversion so they can carry out the elaborate theft of a ruby gem.

However, at the beginning of the video, a woman gets hit by a car, but in the end, we can find out that the scene was only a diversion, so they can succeed with their theft.

We have the best news today, that we made The Reason available on our website, to help you learn how to play it at your piano at home.

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