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Vince Guaraldi was an American jazz pianist, born in July 1928. He died in February 1976, leaving behind the memory of an amazing innovative composer.

He is well known for composing the music for animated TV adaptations of the Peanuts comic strip. He played piano, guitar, and vocals and went under the labels of Warner Bros, Seven Arts, and Columbia Masterworks.

Cast Your Fate to the Wind is written and composed by Vince Guaraldi, and was released in July 1962, as part of the album named Jazz Impressions of Black Orpheus.

The song falls under the jazz genre has a length of 2:58 minutes and stays under the Fantasy Records 563X label.

Once released, the song won a Grammy Award for Best Original Jazz Composition in 1963 and went straight on top of the charts like Billboard Hot 100 or Easy Listening chart.

The free Cast Your Fate to the Wind piano sheet music was first released as the B-side of the bossa nova-flavoured named Samba de Orpheus song.

The song was very well received by critics, the public, and also disc jockeys, who preferred the catchy song named Cast Your Fate To The Wind.

A very comic situation appeared when on some copies of the album, the front side contained a printing error, writing the title Cast Your Faith to the Wind instead of Cast Your Fate to the Wind. This was one comic twist, but with no intention not so ever.

The song was covered with success by many famous artists over the years, like Mel Torme in 1963, Sounds Orchestral in 1965, Shelby Flint, James Gang, or Norman Candler.

The covers topped the charts also, mainly the one of the British group Sounds Orchestral, which got number 5 in the UK, number 10 on the US Billboard Hot 100, and number 1 on the US Easy Listening chart.

In the free Cast Your Fate to the Wind piano sheets composition, we can find instruments like piano, bass, and drums.

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