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Zac Brown Band is a country-rock band, made of eight members - Zac Brown, Jimmy De Martini, John Driskell Hopkins, Coy Bowles, Chris Fryar, Clay Cook, Matt Mangano, and Daniel de Los Reyes.

They are an American brand that started their career in 2002 and they are still active.

The band’s most defining genres are country and rock, but they fit very well in country-pop, hard rock, folk-rock, and reggae.

Zac Brown band released seven studio albums and two live albums throughout their career.

Colder Weather is one of their greatest songs, released on 20th December 2010, as part of the album named You Get What You Give.

The song has a length of 4:35 minutes and was released under the Atlantic label and country genre. The free Colder Weather piano sheet music was composed in the key of E-flat major.

Colder Weather was written and composed by Zac Brown, Wyatt Durette, Levi Lowrey, and Coy Bowles. The song was produced by Zac and Keith Stegall and it is the band's seventh single release overall.

The song’s story is about a trucker who is on the road, and he is far away from the love of his life, because of the bad weather.

This is a real story, about a girl, the love of Wyatt’s life, who lived in Kansas City. Unfortunately, their love story was always in trouble because of geography and timing.

They had to break up because of these problems, and that was hurtful for Wyatt and also for his girlfriend.

The song was very well received by the critics and public, being called a lyrically profound song by Jessica Phillips and also a sorrowful, solitary kind of song, by Hartford Courant.

Colder Weather had also a beautiful music video, directed by Darren Doane, a video that was released in February 2011.

The music video is very famous also because the Australian actor Liam Hemsworth appears in it, as the male character who leaves his girlfriend during the winter.

Looking into the free Colder Weather piano sheets composition, we can find elements like piano, guitar, bass, and voice.

You can find all the free information you need on our website, so you can play it at home on your piano.

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