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Written by Swiss-born Italian record producer, composer, musician, and DJ Robert Miles, Children is a great song to listen to from his debut studio titled Dreamland.

The album itself was released on the 7th of June 1996 and was well received by fans and critics worldwide.

Children was released in January 1995 in Italy and the rest of Europe and the United States in August the same year. The free Children piano sheets are now available on our website as well.

The song’s B-side is a song called Remix. Children is a beautiful blend of techno and dream trance musical genres. The song’s album version lasts 7 minutes and 1 second while the radio version is a little bit shorter spanning at 4 minutes and 3 seconds.

Children was published by multiple record labels depending on the country:

  • Arista (US)
  • Deconstruction (UK)
  • Motor (Germany)
  • BMG (Japan)

The song was initially released in Italy in 1995 as part of Joe Vannelli's DBX label EP Soundtracks. Unfortunately, it didn’t have so much traction with fans and critics, so it didn’t chart.

One night, Simon Berry of Platipus Records heard the song at a Miami nightclub. He was impressed by what he heard. Afterward he worked with Vannelli and James Barton and the song was re-released in November 1995. It was the lead single of Robert Miles’ album Dreamland.

In the end, Children was Robert Miles’ best performing song. It was rated Gold and Platinum in multiple countries worldwide. It also peaked at the first place in musical charts throughout the world: Austria (six weeks), Belgium, Denmark, Finland (three weeks), France (11 weeks), Italy, Norway (five weeks), Germany, Spain, Sweden (seven weeks) and Switzerland (13 weeks);

It had such a success that Billboard stated that Children was in:

"every European country that has a singles chart"

The song began to have more and more traction. For example, in the French nightclubs the song was plated over and over again.

Now that you know so much about Robert Mile’s song, let us jump to the free Children piano sheet music and start practicing those piano skills. Stay tuned and do not forget to have fun.

Piano tutorial and cover

Children - Robert Miles piano tutorial

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