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"Radio Ga Ga" is an iconic song from the British rock band Queen.

The song was released in the United Kingdom on the 23rd of January 1884, and in the United states a couple of weeks later, on the 7th of February the same year.

"Radio Ga Ga" is a blend of pop rock, stadium rock and synth-pop musical genres, which lasts for 5 minutes and 48 seconds for the album and video version. The song was also recorded in 3 other formats:

  • 4:23 (United States radio edit)
  • 6:53 (12" extended version)
  • 6:01 (12" instrumental version)

The song was recorded between August and October 1983, one year before it was released officially. The song was published with help from Capitol and EMI record labels.

Radio GaGa was released as a 7", 12", CD and Mini CD cassette with the song "I Go Crazy" on its B-Side. The song was also part of Queen’s eleventh studio album titled The Works, which was released publicly on 27 February 1984.

The song was a sounding success for Queen. It peaked number one in a staggering 19 countries worldwide. It also reached number two on the UK Singles Chart and the Australian Kent Music Report and number 16 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

The free "Radio Ga Ga" piano sheets are an expression of the powerful messages, which are transmitted by the Queen band.

English musician, singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Roger Meddows Taylor wrote the song. He is also part of Queen. Probably this is what he is best known for.

The song was written in response to the television taking more and more from the market share of the radio. Taylor stated that:

That is part of what the songs’ about, really. The fact that they [music videos] seem to be taking over almost from the aural side, the visual side seems to be almost more important.

The video of the song was recorded one year before it was released, in November 1983. It was filmed at the Carlton TV Studios and Shepperton Studios in London. British director of music videos and concert films, David Victor Mark Mallet, directed the video. It featured scenes from Metropolis, a movie released in 1927.

Now, let us jump into the music and download the "Radio Ga Ga" free piano sheet music. Enjoy and have fun. Stay tuned for more songs and awesome artists and composers.

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Radio Gaga - Queen piano tutorial

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