Alejandro Sanz - Corazon Partio sheet music

Latin music has always been the most romantic and warm music ever.

One of the most famous artists of the Latin music world is Alejandro Sanz.

The moment he got out there and reached his career peak was when he was featured in one of Shakira’s songs – La Tortura, in 2005.

Their collaboration was very successful and their hit reached number one in charts all over the world.

He was born in December 1968 in Madrid, and his music career started in 1989, Alejandro Sanz still being active.

Among his greatest and most intense songs, there is Corazon Partio.

The song was written and performed by Alejandro Sanz in November 1997, and was released as part of his album named Mas.

The song has flamenco influences, has a length of 5:46 minutes in its original version, and belongs to the Latin Pop music genre.

When released, the free Corazon Partio piano sheet music was an international breakthrough and topped several Billboard charts in the US.

After its success, Corazon Partio is considered one of his signature songs.

Along with the original song, a remix of the song was released in 1998, a version that reached number one in Spain.

There are also other versions of Corazon Partio, covered by famous artists like Julio Iglesias – 2000, Manny Manuel in 1998, or Maria Joao in 2002.

The instrumental composition of the free Corazon Partio piano sheets is very complex and guitar-driven, but also with elements like piano, bass, drums, trumpet, vocals, and saxophone.

Alejandro’s Sanz voice is very special, with a husky vibe and intense.

The sensation of the song is erotic, with intense feelings regarding the lover, with interesting lyrics.

The story behind the song is about what is going to happen, when his lover will leave him, who will cure his broken heart and how will he return to the empty bedroom, not finding his lover there.

Despite the sad theme of the song, the instrumentation is adorable and it would sound amazing at your piano at home, so do not hesitate to consult the material we put at your disposal on our website.

Piano tutorial and cover

Corazon Partio - Alejandro Sanz piano tutorial

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