The Everly Brothers - Crying in the Rain sheet music

What a pleasure to be writing about a song by The Everly Brothers. They were an American duo, playing mainly country rock and roll.

The group consisted of two members – Isaac Donald Everly and Philip Jason Everly and they were active between the years 1951 and 2005.

The duo was famous for steel-string acoustic guitar playing.

Their music is one of a kind and I am sure you have heard at least one of their greatest hits.

Crying in the Rain is one of their most amazing songs, even if is also one of the shortest. The song has a length of 1:59 minutes and was released in 1962.

The song was performed in full uniform on The Ed Sullivan Show in February 1962.

Released under the Warner Bros label, the song was composed by Carole King and written by Howard Greenfield and went directly to the top of the charts.

The song peaked at number six on the US Billboard Hot 100, number 10 in Belgium, number 8 in Norway, and number 9 in the Netherlands.

Crying in the Rain was the only collaboration between Greenfield and King, who never wrote another song together, despite the success they had with Crying in the Rain.

The free Crying in the Rain piano sheet music has been covered by many artists over the years, but the most famous versions were the ones sang by Tammy Wynette in 1981 and by the Norwegian band A-ha, which released their version in 1989.

The A-ha version has also an interesting music video, directed by Steve Barron, with the theme about a robbery gone wrong.

Interestingly, the video was filmed only with a specific technique of mobile cameras, in Montana.

Looking into the free Crying in the Rain piano sheets composition, we can find elements like vocals, electric guitar, and bass. It is a very nice and short song that has a special charm.

We strongly recommend you to try playing it on your piano, with the help of our resources. Please come back with your opinion, as it is very important to us.

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