Sting - Fields of Gold sheet music

Among the age-less singers in the music world, we can name Sting – Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner.

As an English singer, musician, and actor, he was the lead singer and bassist for the rock band the Police from 1977 to 1984.

His solo career started in 1985 and he is still enchanting us with the most amazing songs, like The Shape of My Heat, Every Breath You Take, Desert Rose, or Fields of Gold.

Sting sings mainly rock, jazz, reggae, and new-age and plays the lute, bass guitar, and double bass.

He released the free Fields of Gold piano sheets in June 1993, as part of his album named Ten Summoner’s Tales.

The song is written and composed by Sting and released through A&M records.

Fields of Gold has a length of 3:42 minutes in its original version and it is considered a "peaceful ballad".

As Sting describes the song, it is:

as if the wind were making love to the barley. Lovers have made promises here, I'm sure, their bonds strengthened by the comforting cycle of the seasons

Once released, the song reached number 16 on the UK Singles Chart, number 23 on the US Billboard Hot 100, and reached the top 10 in Canada, becoming one of the most famous singles by Sting.

It was very appreciated by the public and critics, and artists all over the world.

Paul McCartney declared that the free Fields of Gold piano sheet music is a song he’d wish he’d written himself.

Because of its success, many famous artists covered the song, like for example Eva Cassidy in 1996 or Katie Melua in 2017.

The music video made for Fields of Gold was directed by Kevin Godley &Crème.

The video features Sting’s golden silhouette singing and walking in a dark village at night, and the color of the silhouette changes between blue and gold again and again.

So all you have to do tonight is to close your eyes and play Fields of Gold at your piano at home, for one very romantic atmosphere.

Piano tutorial and cover

Fields of Gold - Sting piano tutorial

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