All Saints - Never Ever sheet music

One of the most loved girl bands of the ’90s, All Saints, enchants us with one of their most romantic songs - Never Ever.

All Saints was formed in London in 1993, by Ron Tom.

The band is formed out of 4 members – Melanie Blatt, Shaznay Lewis, and Simone Rainford. They sing mostly pop and R&B and they are among the most famous girl bands, even if over time, they have separated a few times.

They are still together today, offering us great music.

Never Ever is one of their most successful songs, very popular and loved by the public and critics.

The song was released in November 1997 and included as the second single of the band’s debut album named All Saints.

It is the band’s highest-charting single to date, peaking at the top of the charts all over the world.

Looking at the free Never Ever piano sheets composition, we can see the long duration of 6:29 minutes in the original version.

There were also released shorter versions for the radios.

The song has a tempo of 67 beats per minute and the story behind the lyrics is about a girl’s desires after a sad break-up.

The girl asks a lot of questions about what she did wrong and she really wants to find out the answers, mentioning that she accepts any version from her ex: "You can tell me to my face or even on the phone/You can write it in a letter, either way, I have to know".

The free Never Ever piano sheet music has two music videos, one made for Europe and one made for Australia, due to the incredible success the song had in those countries.

The European version was shot by Sean Ellis and features the girls singing in a swimming pool, and after that, in a house.

The interesting thing about Never Ever is that you can find it featured on the Guinness World Records for Top British Singles.

Piano tutorial and cover

Never Ever - All Saints piano tutorial

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