Nobuo Uematsu - Final Fantasy IV (Piano Collections and soundtrack) sheet music

The Final Fantasy IV Original Sound Version was composed by Japanese composer Nobuo Uematsu (植松 伸夫, Uematsu Nobuo).

It is a blend of multiple musical genres. It was released by Japanese video game company Square Co., Ltd. In partnership with Japanese publishing and record label company NTT Publishing Co., Ltd. (エヌ・ティ・ティ出版株式会社 Enu Ti Ti Shuppan Kabushiki gaisha).

The official name of the theme album in Northern America was Final Fantasy IV Official Soundtrack: Music from Final Fantasy Chronicles. It contained one more track than the Japanese version of the album.

Since it was made public the first time, it was re-released with various changes as part of the Final Fantasy Finest Box and as Final Fantasy IV DS OST.

A handpicked selection of tracks from the Final Fantasy IV Original Sound Version were re-bundled into a new album named Final Fantasy IV Celtic Moon.

The album was well received by critics and fans throughout the world. It was adored for the originality of the songs.

The whole album itself has 44 tracks. The longest being 11 minutes and 37 seconds long (the Ending theme - エンディング・テーマ - Endingu Tēma)_ an the shortest just 30 seconds ("Chocobo Chocobo" - チョコボ Chokobo).

On the 3rd of Jult 2013, Japanese video game developer, publisher, and distribution company Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd. released a new version of the soundtrack album titled: Final Fantasy IV Original Soundtrack Remaster Version.

The Piano Collections Final Fantasy IV was released on the 21st of April 1992 and contained 14 songs:

  • "The Prelude"
  • "Theme of Love"
  • "Prologue..."
  • "Welcome to Our Town!"
  • "Final Fantasy IV Main Theme"
  • "Chocobo-Chocobo"
  • "Into the Darkness"
  • "Rydia"
  • "Melody of Lute"
  • "Golbez, Clad in the Dark"
  • "Troian Beauty"
  • "The Battle"
  • "Epilogue"
  • "Theme of Love (Orchestral Version)"

You will also find the free piano sheet music for each one of them in the download section below. They are available as downloadable PDF. We have the whole piano sheets songbook of Final Fantasy IV Soundtrack.

The music from the Piano Collection version of the soundtrack was composed by Nobuo Uematsu, performed by Toshiyuki Mori and arranged by Shiro Satou. It has a length of 57 minutes and 24 seconds. That should keep an audience captivated long enough.

Now, grab the Final Fantasy 4 piano sheets for free and play them on your beloved instrument. Have fun, enjoy and do not forget to check back often since we post frequently new songs and artists for you.

Piano tutorial and cover

Final Fantasy IV (Piano Collections and soundtrack) - Nobuo Uematsu piano tutorial

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