Anastacia - I'm Outta Love sheet music

A strong voice comes on our website today – Anastacia, with her song I’m Outta Love.

Anastacia is an American artist, acting as a singer and songwriter, dancer, and producer.

She started her musical career in 1990 and her first two albums reached unexpected success in 2000 and 2001.

Anastacia sings pop-rock and blue-eyed soul and dance-pop music and she plays the guitar.

She is known for her strong mezzo-soprano voice and is famous for her small stature of just 5 feet and 2 inches.

We chose one of her best songs for today – the free I’m Outta Love piano sheets, which is also her debut single.

I’m Outta Love was written by Anastacia, Sam Watters, and Louis Biancaniello, and it was produced by the latter two.

The story behind the song, as Anastacia declared, "It's about a lot of people in particular, not just one but probably many in my life who I wanted to have a love thing with but it wasn't there".

The powerful dance-pop song was released in February 2000, as part of Anastacia’s album named Not That Kind.

The free I’m Outta Love piano sheet music was released as a single through Epic Studios, having the song Baptize My Soul on its B-side.

With a length of 4:02 minutes, I’m Outta Love is considered a dance-pop and disco music genre song, composed at a tempo of 119 beats per minute, including instruments like synth bass, guitar, and keyboards.

The song has also an accompanying music video, which was directed by Nigel Dick and choreographed by Robin Antin.

The music video was filmed in California and earned Anastacia her first MTV Europe Music Award nomination, and it features Anastacia walking through a tunnel with her coat on, intercutting scenes of her female singers.

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I'm Outta Love - Anastacia piano tutorial

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