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Today we are going to talk about a special artist which does not appear anytime on our speakers – Lionel Bart and his song Living Doll.

Lionel Bart was an amazing artist, acting as a writer and composer of pop music and musicals.

He is famous for writing Tommy Steele’s Rock with the Caveman and also for being the sole creator of the musical Oliver! from 1960.

Among other interesting compositions of Lionel Bart, we name today Living Doll.

The free Living Doll piano sheet music was written by Lionel Bard, with the incredible production of Norrie Paramor.

The song was the top-selling single in the UK in 1959, topping the charts twice – once in its original version and in a new one, recorded in 1986 in aid of Comic Relief.

The song was released in July 1959, as a rock and roll music genre song, as part of the album named Serious Charge, by Cliff Richard.

It was released also as a single, through EMI Studios and it has on its B-side the song Apron Strings.

Living Doll has a length of 2:35 minutes in its original version and it has been also recorded by many other famous artists over the years.

Among the most beautiful versions of the free Living Doll piano sheets, we can name David Hill’s – 1959, Frankie Davidson’s in 1959, or Roger Ruskin Spears’s in 1972.

Looking into the composition of the song, we learn that it was written as an up-tempo light rock and roll song and we are enchanted by elements like vocals, guitar, bass, and drums.

Living Doll remains a very loved song, by the public and critics, and the interesting fact about it is that also Paul McCartney found it inspirational and referenced it in connection with his song, "Michelle.

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Living Doll - Lionel Bart piano tutorial

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