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"Invisible" is a song by the United States country artist Hunter Hayes, used as a single for his 2014 album titled "Storyline".

Being a song from his second album, it was co-produced by Dann Huff. The writing team involved Katrina Elam and Bonnie Baker, in addition to Hayes himself.

It was made available as a digital download format on the 26th of January, 2014. The label Atlantic Records was the one that released it.

"Invisible" premiered at the Grammy Awards edition from 2014, that same day being made available to download.

The story of the song is that Hayes wanted to express the feelings he had as a kid when he got bullied.

He said in an interview that he was a big geek and that in high school he was often misunderstood, not only bullied. He praised the fact that his parents and the music people around him helped him through that period.

A music video for "Invisible" was recorded and released on the 13th of March, 2014. The director of the music video was Ray Kay. The single was received well by the critics, being mostly praised. "Taste of Country" called it to be satisfying, especially due to its personal and emotional attachment. Having inspirational lyrics, the song was also praised by "Digital Journal", who also said that his maturity is apparent compared to his first album.

"Invisible", after the Grammy performance, started selling very fast, over 30.000 times in less than a day.

It started off at rank number 23 on the Hot Country Songs charts. On the Country Digital Songs, it was an even greater success, reaching the seventh place.

On the US Billboard Hot 100, it started at place 88. In just a week since its release, it topped the Country Digital Songs charts, selling almost 100.000 copies in a few days. On the Hot Country Songs, it peaked at the fourth place. On the Billboard Hot 100, it stopped just at rank 44.

In 2015, "Invisible" by Hunter Hayes received a nomination for Best Country Solo Performance, but failed to win the award. Other charting territories that we can remember were Canada, where it reached rank 26 and Japan with rank 17. At the end of 2014, it reached rank 75 on the Country Airplay charts and number 51 on the Hot Country Songs charts.

It was certified Gold by the RIAA for selling over 500.000 copies.

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