Train - Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me) sheet music

"Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me)" by Train is a song written by the band's members and produced by Brendan O'Brien.

It won a Grammy Award and it was certified platinum.

This song is widely known simply as "Drops of Jupiter".

It's the lead single of the album with the same name.

The song was released on the 20th of February 2001. It was recorded during the same year.

The song had a fantastic success world wide. It topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart on the 5th position and it stayed on the Top 40 for a period of 29 weeks straight.

Paul Buckmaster has signature strings. He won the 2002 Grammy Award for Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist(s) for this song.

The inspiration behind this song is a man that wonders if a woman's journey to find herself still leaves room for him. She left that man behind.

Patrick Monahan, Train's lead singer, stated that his late mother was also a powerful inspiration source in the creation of "Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me)". She died after a long battle with cancer.

There were actually made two music videos for the song. The first video features Train band performing the song on a stage. The second video which was the most appreciated and the better remembered, featured Pat Monahan performing "Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me)" on a stage. As the song was played, more and more people gathered to listen to the song. This version was directed by Nigel Dick and it was shot at Union Station in Los Angeles.

Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me) has a great piano sheet that was posted just under this section. Enjoy!

Piano tutorial and cover

Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me) - Train piano tutorial

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