Aerosmith - Kings and Queens sheet music

When in the mood for rock and energy, go ahead and choose a song by Aerosmith.

So, this is what we thought about when choosing today’s article – the free Kings And Queens piano sheets, by Aerosmith.

Aerosmith is one of the greatest rock bands in the music industry, born in Boston in 1970.

The group is formed out of five members – Steven Tyler as the leading vocalist, Joe Perry in charge of the guitar, Tom Hamilton as the bassist, Joey Kramer in charge of the drums and Brad Whitford as the guitarist of the band.

They sing mainly blues hard rock, heavy metal, pop-rock, glam metal and rhythm and blues, and they are also known as the Bad Boys from Boston.

The choice for today’s article comes also from one of our fan’s requests and we are honoured to bring on our website the free Kings And Queens piano sheet music.

The song was released by Aerosmith in February 1978 as part of the album Draw the Line, having the song Critical Mass on its B-side.

It was written by Steven Tyler, Brad Whitford, Tom Hamilton, Joey Kramer and Jack Douglas and it was produced by the latter together with Aerosmith.

Looking into the song’s composition, Kings And Queens comes in a length of 4:55 minutes in the album version and 3:47 minutes in the single version and it was released as a hard-rock and heavy metal music genre song.

Because of its success, Kings And Queens has been covered by many famous artists, such as Glenn Hughes.

The song has been featured in media in TV shows, movies and video games, and in 2004 was included in the Aerosmith’s Greatest Hits and Greatest Hits 1973-1988.

We strongly encourage you to play Kings And Queens at your piano at home, as it would definitely e a wise choice, no matter the mood.

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Kings and Queens - Aerosmith piano tutorial

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