Nickelback - Someday sheet music

Whenever you hear a song by Nickelback, it is clear that you always go hard.

Their style is unmistakable and Chad Kroeger’s voice is highly appreciated in the world of music.

Nickelback is a Canadian rock band, formed in 1995, composed of Chad Kroeger, Ryan Peake – in charge with the keyboards and in the role of backing vocals, Mike Kroeger – bass and Daniel Adair – in charge with the drums.

The band has been composing hard rock, pop-rock, alternative metal and rock music genres and today is one of the most commercially successful Canadian rock bands.

Among their greatest hits, we can name How You Remind Me, Rockstar, Far Away or Someday.

The free Someday piano sheet music is the choice we made for today’s article, so let’s dive into some details about the song.

Someday was released through Roadrunner Records on 28 July 2003, as the lead single of Nickelback’s album named The Long Road.

The song was released as a post-grunge music genre song, with a length of 3:27 minutes in the album version and a shorter single version of 3:15 minutes.

The free Someday piano sheets’ writers are Mike Kroeger, Ryan Peake, Ryan Vikedal and Chad Kroeger, and it was produced by Nickelback and Joey Moi.

Once released, the song reached number one in Canada and stayed there for three weeks and peaked at number seven in the United States.

The song is featured in an intense music video, directed by Nigel Dick.

You might have to watch the music video made for Someday twice to understand its plot.

The video presents the band playing the song in a glass-walled warehouse and features Clint Carleton and Daniella Evangelista as main characters.

The good news about Someday is that you can try bringing it into your home by playing it at your piano at home, even though you might need a friend with some hard drums and bass guitar.

Piano tutorial and cover

Someday - Nickelback piano tutorial

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