Las Ketchup - Las Ketchup Song (Asereje) sheet music

The song we chose for our article today is one of the best choices for the moment when you want to go back in time a little bit, mainly if you were a teenager in the 2000s.

The free Ketchup Song piano sheets by Las Ketchup is one of the best dancing songs released in the early 2000s, an international hit.

Las Ketchup is a Spanish band, founded by Manuel Ruis, consisting of sisters Lucia, Pilar and Lola Munoz.

The group is best known for their hit "Asereje" – The Ketchup Song, which sold over 7 million copies worldwide once released.

Las Ketchup has not released any more songs since 2006, but they still perform locally – in Spain and other countries.

Las Ketchup released The Ketchup Song in 2002 as their debut single.

The free Ketchup Song piano sheet music was included in their debut studio album named Hijas del Tomate- 2002, and it was released as a Latin-pop and surf-pop music genre.

Once released, The Ketchup Song became an international hit and was absolutely loved by the public and critics.

It peaked at number one in more than 20 European countries, also in Canada, New Zealand and Australia, and was the best-selling hit of 2002.

The group spread through the music video of The Ketchup Song a dance routine, which was a popular novelty dance in that period.

Looking into the song’s composition, The Ketchup Song has a length of 3:32 minutes, belongs to the Latin-pop and surf-pop music genres.

It was written and composed by Manuel Ruiz, and it was released in Spanish, Spanglish and Portuguese languages through Columbia Records.

The Ketchup Song is written in the key of G major and has a tempo of 94 beats per minute, in cut time.

It is a joyful song, the kind that keeps you up dancing all night.

The tale behind the lyrics tells the story of a man who goes to a nightclub while singing and dancing.

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Las Ketchup Song (Asereje) - Las Ketchup piano tutorial

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