Bruce Springsteen - My Hometown sheet music

It is a beautiful evening to choose one of Bruce Springsteen’s songs.

The choice for our article tonight is the free My Hometown piano sheets, released in November 1985.

Bruce Springsteen is an American artist, acting as a singer, musician, and songwriter, active in the music world since 1964.

He sings rock, Americana, and heartland rock music genres and he plays the guitar.

Since he started his musical career, Bruce Springsteen has released twenty studio albums and he is known as one of the heartland rock styles of music originators.

Among his most famous songs, we can name Born in the USA, The River, Western Stars, My Hometown, or Letter to You.

Coming back to our song - My Hometown was released in November 1985 as part of the artist’s album named Born in the USA.

Once released, the song peaked at number 6 in the Billboard Hot 100 and topped the US adult contemporary chart.

Looking into the composition of the free My Hometown piano sheet music, the song was written by Bruce Springsteen and composed by him, together with Steven Van Zandt, Jon Landau, and Chuck Plotkin.

With a length of 4:33 minutes, My Hometown is a synthesize-based, low-tempo composition, including guitar, drums, and bass guitar.

Released as a heartland rock music genre song, My Hometown has been covered by many famous artists, such as U2, Pavel Bobek, Cindy Kallet, and many others.

The music video made for My Hometown features a performance of the song at a Springsteen and E Street Band concert.

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My Hometown - Bruce Springsteen piano tutorial

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