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"Leader of the Band" is the name of a single from folk musician Dan Fogelberg’s album titled "The Innocent Age".

It was released in 1981 on a seven inch format by the label Full Moon Records.

The 4 minutes and 21 seconds long song has the song "Times Like These" as the B-side. It was written by Fogelberg himself and co-produced together with Marty Lewis.

"Leader of the Band" was meant to be a tribute to Dan Fogelberg’s father, who was also involved in the music industry, especially as the leader of a band. His father was alive when the song was initially released, but died in 1982, in the month of August.

The album "The Innocent Age" that included "Leader of the Band" as well was one of his greatest successes.

The single "Leader of the Band" managed to reach the ninth position on the US Billboard pop charts. Two of his other singles were also top 10 hits, namely "Same Old Lang Syne" and "Hard to Say". "Leader of the Band" was the most successful on the Adult Contemporary charts, reaching the top of the chart.

"Leader of the Band" was included as the seventh track on the first disc of the original album release. A performance by the UCLA band is also included on the end of the album version of the song, as well as a march from "The Washington Post".

Lucie Arnaz also performed her own version of the song for his father called Desi Arnaz.

Another musician, Regine Velasquez, made her own version of "Leader of the Band" in 2008. It was included on her album called "Low Key". It was performed by her in honor to her father, Gerardo Velasquez. In 1985, the original song was featured on the ending of the Cart season. It was meant to be a tribute for a family of racers called Unser.

"Leader of the Band" by Daniel Fogelberg is a great folk pop song with an emotional message.

It includes guitars, bass players, saxophone, harmonica, horn, drums, a steel guitar and a marching band, as well as keyboards. It is a beautiful piano song, intended for concerts.

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