Fool’s Garden - Lemon Tree sheet music

If you were a teenager in the ’90s, it is almost impossible to not have sung under the shower the refrain from the Fool’s Garden song - Lemon Tree.

Fool’s Garden is a German rock band, formed in 1991 by the vocalist Peter Freudenthaler and the guitarist Volker Hinkel.

They sing mostly rock, alternative rock, bubblegum pop, soft rock, and pop-rock music genre and they became worldwide famous in 1995, through their second studio album named Dish of the Day.

The choice of the day is the free Lemon Tree piano sheets, by Fool’s Garden.

The song was released as part of the band’s third album named Dish of the Day, in November 1995 and it had a wonderful effect on the market.

It is said that Peter Freundenthaler wrote the song on a Sunday afternoon while waiting for his girlfriend.

Once released, the free Lemon Tree piano sheet music became an international hit for the entire following year.

It reached number 26 on the UK Singles Chart and stayed as number one for approximately four weeks in Germany.

Because of its success, Lemon Tree has been used in media in TV shows, commercials, and movies and it has been covered by many other artists and has also a new version released in 2009 by Fool’s Garden.

It is a happy song and looking into its composition, we find out that we are enchanted by plenty of instruments.

The bass, drums, guitar, keyboards, and vocals are mixed in a unique way so you can’t control yourself in starting some dance moves.

So the good news about Lemon Tree is that starting from today, we have it available on our website for you, so don’t hesitate in bringing the sun into your home with these wonderful vibes.

Piano tutorial and cover

Lemon Tree - Fool’s Garden piano tutorial

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