The Platters - Only You sheet music

The Platters, an American vocal group, presents us Only You, one of their greatest songs.

The Platters are one of the most successful vocal groups from the early rock and roll era.

They were initially consisting of Herb Reed, Alex Hodge, Cornell Guner, and Joe Jefferson, they sang mainly rock and roll and no matter what lining they got to, the band still has been one of the number one rock and roll groups.

This wonderful song by the Platters - Only You, was originally recorded by them in 1955.

The leading vocals of the song were by Tony Williams and it was released as a Doo-wop music genre song.

The free Only You piano sheet music was recorded in April 1955 and released in June 1995, through Mercury studios.

It is part of the band’s album named The Platters & The Fabulous Platters, and it was also released as a single, having the song Bark, Battle, and Ball song on its B-side.

Only You was written by Buck Ram, with a length of 2:36 minutes in its original version.

The interesting thing about the song is that the band really tried hard to make it successful, as they declared:

We tried it so many times, and it was terrible. One time we were rehearsing in the car ... and the car jerked. We laughed at first, but when he sang that song—that was the sign we had hit on something

So, when released in this amazing version, the free Only You piano sheets reached number 1 on the US R&B and number 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

There are some interesting versions on the market, and notable covers are the ones by The Hilltoppers, Franck Pourcel, Ringo Starr, Roy Orbison, and Luis Miguel.

So go ahead and play your own version of Only You, with the help of the materials we put at your disposal on our website.

Piano tutorial and cover

Only You - The Platters piano tutorial

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