Robbie Williams - Me and My Monkey sheet music

Robbie Williams is one of the most popular English figures among singers and songwriters. At first, he was a part of the Take That band, which showed him the path towards success.

Later on, in 1995, Williams started his solo career having to pay approximately $200.000 in compensation. The decision, obviously, was wise as all his seven albums launched after that date managed to reach the first place in UK tops and not only.

In July 2010, Robbie Williams announced officially that he reunited with his former band mates and that they were working on a new album. "Progress" was then launched, being the first album with Robbie Williams with Take That since 1995. In 2011, unfortunately, their collaboration was once again broken as Williams left EMI Group after 11 years of working together in order to sign with Universal Music.

Robbie Williams’ fifth album (named Escapology) was launched in the second part of 2002. Singles like "Feel", "Come Undone" or "Me and My Monkey" were featured on the album.

"Me and My Monkey" is maybe one of the deepest songs that were ever written by a song writer as it describes the struggle between Robbie and his personal vice at the moment. Losing his connection with friends and family made him realize that he was on the wrong path but, at the same time, it was also very difficult for him to pull away from it.

The "monkey" is actually a metaphor for Robbie on drugs and describes what the artist had to go through with his unusual addiction. However, that didn’t ever stop Robbie for composing great music!

This tune is actually full of meanings and definitely worth listening or actually playing if you own a piano. Down below you will find the free piano sheet of this song, with all the keys and additional notes for you to nail it easily. The piano score is available for free download without any hidden charges.

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