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Having Dancehall and Reggae-Pop musical genres mixed together in an harmonious way, the song "Work" by Rihanna featuring Drake was first released on January 27, 2016 on her album titled Anti.

The song also features Canadian artist and songwriter Drake.

Work by Rihanna was distributed by Westbury Road and Roc Nation record labels. It was recorded in Los Angeles at the Westlake Recording Studios, in Toronto at the SOTA Studios and last but not least, at the Sandra Gale Studios in California.

Work by Rihanna and Drake is the lead single for Rihanna's 8th album. An excellent free piano sheet music transcription is available for download.

To Work's writing contributed alongside the two performers PartyNextDoor, Allen Ritter, Rupert Thomas, R. Stephenson, Monte Moir, and Boi-1da, a rather long list filled with great name in the music industry.

Alexander O'Neal's song "If You Were Here Tonight" from 1985 is one of the inspiration pillars of this song.

Lyrically, the song incorporates themes of working for money, as well as discussing fragile relationships. The song uses Jamaican Patois and Creole. Your piano's keys will be delighted by the combination created by transcribing this awesome song in piano notes.

Work is also Rihanna's 14th number one song that peaked at the top of Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song dominated the chart at the #1 spot for 9 weeks. In other countries such as Canada, Denmark, France, Spain, South Africa, Belgium and the Netherlands the song was an instant success, where it also dominated the #1 spot in the charts. Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, the United Kingdom and Germany are some of the countries in which the song "only" reached top 5, if we can say so :)

Work has a total of two music videos, one more than usual. They were both made public in February of 2016.

"Work" was praised as a song which has brought the genre of dancehall to the forefront of American music, becoming the first dancehall song to top the Billboard Hot 100 since Sean Paul's "Temperature" (2006). A Billboard writer (Taj Rani) highlighted the song and Rihanna herself for displaying West Indian culture prominently without appropriation from the mainstream.

The mix of two of the most beautiful music genres makes this song an ideal choice for playing it's piano notes. You can find the free piano sheets of Work by Rihanna and Drake below. Just choose the version from the free piano sheets list that you want and praise your piano with it.

Piano tutorial and cover

Work - Rihanna piano tutorial

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