Richard Marx - Right Here Waiting sheet music

"Right Here Waiting" is one of Richard Marx's greatest hits of all time and one of the most famous singles in music history.

Very soon after release it became famous all around the world.

The single's transposition into a beautiful piano sheet is great news for all of Marx's fans and piano enthusiasts.

One of Richard Marx's best songs, it is the second single on his album Repeat Offender (released on June 29, 1989 by Magic Record Studios, Salt Lake City) which sold over 5 million US copies and more than 7 million copies all over the globe.

The hit was also included on the compilation Knuffelrock Vol. (1990) and on the compilation Billboard Top Hits 1989 (1994).

This heartbreaking soft rock love ballad was written by Richard Marx while he was on tour. Thinking about his wife (Cynthia Rhodes who was filming in South Africa at the time) the singer and songwriter Marx, put the text on paper. He later created and arranged the music with Jeffery Vanston and Bruce Gaitsch.

After being released, the song immediately became a hit and it was Marx's first single to enter the Hot Adult Contemporary Chart at number 1. Entering the American Billboard Hot 100 at number 44 (July 8, 1989) it became number 1 soon after and spent three consecutive weeks at number-one.

Released in the UK in September 1989, the single immediately became number 2 in national charts.

More than ten years later, Right Here Waiting was in the top 15 on Billboard's Hot Adult Contemporary Recurrents for four years (2000-2003).

After record sales of over 1 million copies, it was certified platinum by the RIAA on October 16, 1989. In Canada, the single was certified Gold on September 27, 1989 for the 50,000 copies sold. And in the UK, it was certified with a Silver award disc on September 1, 1989 after more than 200,000 copies sold.

Even though Richard Marx was completely inexperienced as an artist, his first and second album were very successful.

Right Here Waiting brought him a nomination for Best Pop Vocal Performance at the Grammy Awards. In charts all over the world, the single peaked at number one in some countries like Australia, Canada, Ireland and New Zeeland. After that, year by year, week by week, we still hear it in our radios, at parties or weddings. So Marx succeeded to make a never-dying song that will always touch our hearts.

Although some artists recorded cover versions of the song, Richard Marx's version still remains the best and most memorable interpretation.

This amazing ballad and it's amazing lyrics is not one you are allowed not to love, to cherish and to listen whenever you feel like.

I, personally, take myself in another world, whenever it starts and leave anything else until it's finished. So it should always remain in top 100.

Maybe "Right Here Waiting" is so real and so powerful because Marx wrote it on the road, when he was away from home, to his wife, fact that makes it even more touching.

Who thought that a love letter will become almost the most perfect love song ever? Although the song is very simple as accompaniment- classical guitar - Bruce Gaitsch and keyboards - Vanston, it managed to be exactly what you need to calm yourself, express you feelings, or even make a love statement.

Moreover, it is one of the easiest and lovely songs to play on your piano, and, as everybody knows it's lyrics, they can start singing in no time.

Grab Right Here Waiting's piano sheet for free below! And..stay tuned for daily fresh updates!

Piano tutorial and cover

Right Here Waiting - Richard Marx piano tutorial

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