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"On My Own" is a song from the musical "Les Miserables".

The film was based on the novel with the same name by Victor Hugo and it was released on December 5th, 2012.

It was directed by Tom Hooper and it won three Golden Globes, one for "Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy", one for "Motion Picture Musical or Comedy" and another for "Best Supporting Actress – Motion Picture".

The main character of the musical drama is Jean Valjean, and, other characters include Cosette, Fantine, Thenardiers and Eponine.

The song is played in the key of D but ends in F and it represents a very important moment in the character of Eponine's life. She expresses her regret towards the fact that Marius doesn't share her feelings and loves his wife, Cosette. The actual theme song has been adapted from the older version which was featured in the 1980 French show.

The original one was named "L'Air de la Misère" and it was sang by Fantine.

Thanks to the popularity of "On My Own", the character of Eponine also became more and more popular along with the song.

The first actress to perform the song in the English version was Frances Ruffelle, whose song is still kept on the Broadway and Original London albums.

As it became very successful and the public began to demand it more and more, "On My Own" was featured in other works, besides the musical. This includes the 1997 Skate America competition and the 1998 Tokyo Golden Gala. It was also featured in the movie "Dawson's Creek", in which Katie Holmes' character played it, as well as in the television series, "Glee".

"On My Own" received positive feedback from the music critics, as it did the film.

"On My Own" doesn't necessarily have a recent story, but it did rose to popularity in the past years. It has had a powerful impact on the "legions of fans" and promises to be an enduring song.

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