Maroon 5 - She Will Be Loved sheet music

Played by an American pop-rock band, She Will Be Loved is a wonderful song, as many of Maroon’s 5 songs.

Maroon 5 was formed in Los Angeles and it currently consists of the lead vocalist Adam Levine, the keyboardist and guitarist Jesse Carmichael, the lead guitarist James Valentine, the drummer Matt Flynn, the keyboardist PJ Morton and multi-instrumentalist Sam Farrar.

She Will Be Loved was written by Adam Levine with the help of James Valentine.

The song was produced by Matt Wallace.

It was released in June 2004, as part of the band’s debut studio album named Songs About Jane, and was uploaded on YouTube on the 17th of June 2009.

When released, the free She Will Be Loved piano sheet music was loved by the public and critics, peaking at number 5 in the US, number 4 in the UK, number 1 in Australia.

It sold more than 2,722,000 digital downloads in only seven months from its release.

The song has a length of 4:17 minutes in its original version and 3:59 minutes in the radio version edit.

The music video made for this song was directed by Sophie Muller, featuring Kelly Preston as a mother and Adam Levine as her partner.

The music video got so famous and proved to be the most successful band’s video.

The sad story behind the lyrics of the free She Will Be Loved piano sheets is pretty well-contoured in the video, showing the sad love story between a couple, which is abusive and juxtaposes with the daughter's love story.

The triangle shown in the song and in the video is the same as in the movie The Graduate from 1967, between the daughter, the boyfriend, and the mother.

The song also has an acoustic version released by Maroon 5 in 2004, and a Cuban version by Rhythms del Mundo in 2006.

You now have all the materials at your disposal with the help of our website, so don’t hesitate to try playing She Will Be Loved at your piano.

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She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5 piano tutorial

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