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Interesting French project, Era, is new-age music, composed by Eric Levi.

The most interesting fact about this project is that it uses some imaginary language, similar to Greek or Latin languages, but in fact, is deliberately devoid of any exact meaning.

Era has been active since 1996 until the present and its origins are in France.

Ameno is a song by Era, recorded and released in June 1996.

The song was released as a single from the band’s self-titled album – Era.

Once released, the free Ameno piano sheet music topped the charts in France, Belgium, Sweden, and Latin America.

The song has a length of 3:40 minutes in its 1st version and 4:20 minutes in the 2nd version and is considered to be a new-age, electronic song.

It was produced by Eric Levi and co-written by Levi and Gyu Protheroe.

When looking into the free Ameno piano sheets, we can see that the lyrics sound like the Latin language, but in fact, they are made deliberately so they don’t have an exact meaning.

The voice is performed by Guy Protheroe and Harriet Jay.

The keyboards are played and programmed by Eric Levi, the guitar, bass, and drums are played by Philippe Manca.

This amazing song has also a music video, which was shot for the song featuring the actors Irene Bustamante and Pierre Boisserie.

Being so popular, the song was also interpreted by many artists and was also used in covers and parodies.

The best versions are the one by DJ Quicksilver in 2000, and the one by Roberto Molinaro, in 2005.

The song is used in YouTube videos and Twitch streams, the fact that led to its popularization as an internet meme, being so popular even nowadays, on social platforms such as TikTok for example.

You can now enjoy the materials from our website, to try playing Ameno at your piano at home

Piano tutorial and cover

Ameno - Era piano tutorial

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