Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit sheet music

Yes, we know what you are about to say – "Smells Like Teen Spirit is not a song by Tori Amos".

But just let us dive in and tell you the story of today’s article.

Smells Like Teen Spirit is a song released by Nirvana in September 1991, and of course, as you already know, covered by many other artists since then.

We are going to emphasize Tori Amos’ version today, as it is one of the best.

So, back to basics and the original information about the song, it was released as part of the album named Nevermind.

It was released as a hard-rock and alternative rock music genre, with a length of 5:01 minutes in the album version and having the songs Drain You, Even in His Youth, and Aneurysm on its B-side.

The free Smells Like Teen Spirit piano sheet music had an unexpected success, topped the charts when released, and it was considered a point when grunge entered the mainstream.

The greatness of this song can’t be measured, as we can’t even start to choose the best version of it, even if the original always wins.

The free Smells Like Teen Spirit piano sheets won two MTV Video Music Awards, it was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame, it was ranked at number 80 by the RIIA and fifth on the Rolling Stone list The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

The music video released for Smells Like Teen Spirit was directed by Samuel Bayer and is based on the concept of a high school pep rally that ends in chaos and riot, inspired by Jonathan Kaplan's 1979 film Over the Edge and the Ramones' film Rock 'n' Roll High School.

Tori Amos, as always, is the one that has the capability of turning a beautiful song into something even more astounding, so please don’t hesitate to try her version at your piano at home, and come back with your opinion.

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