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The song Hallelujah, first brought to us by Leonard Cohen, is now presented to you under Pentatonix signature, as this version was its best.

Leonard Cohen was a Canadian artist, acting between 1954 and 2016 as a singer and songwriter, poet, and novelist.

He concentrated his life and career on religion, depression, isolation, politics, and sexuality and he released some beautiful songs, among which we can name Hallelujah, I’m Your Man, Dance To Me to the End of Love, and many more.

Leonard Cohen sang mostly folk and soft rock and he played guitar and keyboards.

The free Hallelujah piano sheet music was among his most famous and most appreciated songs in his career.

Hallelujah was written by him and produced by John Lissauer, for the album named Various Positions – 1984.

The song was recorded in June 1984 and released as a folk-rock music genre through Columbia Records in December 1984.

The length of the free Hallelujah piano sheets is of 4:39 minutes and once released, was embraced by worldwide love and success.

Because of its success, the song has been featured in media, used in film and television soundtracks and TV Shows.

Hallelujah has also entered the American Billboard Hot 100 in 2016, after Cohen’s death.

Looking into its composition, Hallelujah sounds like early rock and also gospel music.

It was written in the key of C major and it has around 80 draft verses by Leonard Cohen.

The song has been covered in many interesting ways by famous artists and not only, concluding in a number of over 300 versions, in different languages.

Among the most famous ones, we can name Alexandra Burke’s in 2008, John Cale’s in 1992, Jeff Buckley’s in 1994, and many more.

Please do not hesitate to try your own cover at your piano at home, with the help of our materials which we have put at your disposal.

Piano tutorial and cover

Hallelujah - Pentatonix piano tutorial

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