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Madonna…And we said it all.

The music industry is composed of artists like Madonna, by her real name Madonna Louise Ciccone.

She was born in August 1958, started her musical career in 1979, and still active, she is referred to as the Queen of Pop, also a feminism symbol, fashion symbol, and we could go on.

She is the mother of six children, dancer, actress, author, humanitarian and she plays vocals and guitar.

She is a real showman, organizing amazing concerts and releasing the most amazing hits ever. Some examples could be Like a Virgin, Ray of Light, You’ll See, Take a Bow, or Frozen.

During her career, she won so many awards and was so successful worldwide, that she was compared with Coca-Cola, a symbol everyone on the planet knows about.

Today we chose to talk about her single named Take a Bow, a really sensitive and caring song.

The song was released in December 1994 as part of her album Bedtime Stories. It has a length of 5:21 minutes and it was written by her and Kenneth Edmonds – Babyface.

The song is a mid-tempo pop ballad, developed after Madonna listened to the basic beat and chords from Babyface.

Take a Bow free Take a Bow piano sheets did not take much time to be mixed and recorded, it was backed by a full orchestra and it is memorable that Babyface worked for the first time with live strings.

The song has Japanese musical influences, begins with an oriental pentatonic string, giving the impression of Japanese opera.

The music video was directed by Michael Haussman, and it considered artwork, a lavish period-style movie, filmed in 1994 in Ronda, Spain.

Madonna’s suit is a classic one made by John Galliano, the costumes were created by Lori Goldstein.

The story behind the lyrics is that Madonna was neglected by her boyfriend who was a bullfighter, played by the actor Emilio Munoz.

The scenes are heartbreaking, as she wanted the video to be like an obsessive, tragic love story that does not work out in the end.

The free Take a Bow piano sheet music was used in media in TV shows, movies, and commercials, and even so, the song was never performed live until a concert of Madonna in 2016.

We believe that Take a Bow is a special one among Madonna’s work and we offer you what you need so you can play it on your piano.

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Take a Bow - Madonna piano tutorial

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