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LeAnn Rimes, by her real name Margaret LeAnn Rimes Cibrian, is an American artist, born in August 1982 in the US.

She is a singer, songwriter, actress, and author, and she started her career at the age of 13.

Her favorite music genres are country, pop, and dance-pop and she has been active starting in 1991 until the present, 2021. S

he has won three Grammys, three ACMs, a CMA 12 Billboard Music Awards, and one American Music award. She has 10 studio albums and three compilation albums, and two greatest hits albums.

LeAnn Rimes is funny and smart and the simply public loves her.

How Do I Live is one of her greatest songs, written by Diane Warren and produced by Chuck Howard, Wilbur C Rimes, and Mike Curb.

The song has a length of 4:25 minutes and was released in May 1997.

How Do I Live is a love song, very mild and profound. It got viral because of its heavy lyrics, simple but intense.

Once released, it had great success, peaked at number 2 for five consecutive weeks, and it stayed on the Billboard Hot 100 for 69 weeks, which was a record.

How Do I Live was covered by many famous artists like FIR, Trisha Yearwood, or Johnny Logan, and it was used in media in the movie Con Air in 1997.

The story behind the lyrics of the free How Do I Live piano sheets is about the never-ending questions about how will you survive if the loved one leaves you, how you can manage the suffering and the empty world.

The romantic lyrics won the hearts of the listeners forever and even after so many years, everyone is touched when hearing the song.

The song has a simple melodic line, composed out of vocals, which we all know by now that LeAnn Rimes has a wonderfully unique voice, mixing, drums, acoustic guitar, bass, and piano.

It would be great if you tried to play the free How Do I Live piano sheet music on your piano, and we strongly recommend you to use our resources for that.

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