Vince DiCola - Training Montage (Rocky IV Soundtrack) sheet music

Vincent Louis "Vince" DiCola, better known as simply Vince DiCola, is an exceptional American composer, keyboardist and arranger. He is well known for composing soundtracks and film scores for big blockbusters such as The Transformers: The Movie, Staying Alive and Rocky IV.

In 1985, he contributed greatly for the creation of the Rocky IV: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.

The movie’s soundtrack was released on the 27th of November 1985 with help from Scotti Bros. record label. It s a beautiful mix of AOR and Pop Rock musical genres.

One of the best song from the Rocky 4 soundtrack is the Training Montage. It was both performed and written by Vince DiCola himself. It is a motivating 3 minutes and a half song. Its rhythm pumps adrenaline through your body.

In 2008, Finnish symphonic metal band Northern Kings covered Vince DiCola’s song for their Rethroned.

Being such a wonderful movie, I recommend you wathc it and also keep an ear on the songs. Vince DiCola’s Training Montage is just one of the many beautiful songs, which are featured on Rocky IV: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Now, I suggest you dive into the Training Montage free piano sheet music and enjoy Vince DiCola’s work. Have fun and stay tuned for more quality music!

Piano tutorial and cover

Training Montage (Rocky IV Soundtrack) - Vince DiCola piano tutorial

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