Tokyo Ghoul - Unravel sheet music

Tokyo Ghoul anime series, one of the best anime series that was ever produced, came along with a beautiful song for its soundtrack.

Unravel is the first single released by Toru Kitajima, better known simply as TK. TK, a member of Ling Tosite Sigure, is a singer and the lead vocalist and guitarist of the Japanese rock band as well as a talented songwriter.

The song was recorded at the Studio 4 in Tuppence House i's Studio. The song was released as a digital download, with the option to be purchased on a CD.

The song is a 4 minutes long mix of Metalcore and Post-Hardcore musical genres. The free piano sheets of Unravel greatly express the mix of those two musical genres.

It was released worldwide with help from Sony Music Entertainment Japan.

It is notable to mention that the song was written and produced (including arranging, being the recording engineer and also mixing engineer) by Toru Kitajima himself. For the performance, his whole band was involved.

Unravels B-side consists of "Fu re te Fu re ru" and "Acoustic Installation".

The song had a somewhat good success, reaching the 9th position on Japan Weekly Singles (Oricon) and also 6th position on Japan Hot 100 (Billboard). Japan’s RIAJ rated Unravel as Platinum by managing to sell over 250.000 digital copies of the song.

In 2015 the song was nominated for Newtype Anime Awards at the Best Theme Song category. It managed to get the 9th place only.

As we said in the opting, Unravel was featured on the Tokyo Ghoul anime series soundtrack. It was first played at the end of the first episode. Afterwards it was aired at the end of the second episode. From that point on, it was played normally during opening if each episode.

The song greatly surpassed TK’s expectations. Numerous covers and versions started appearing on the internet totaling millions of views and excellent feedback from fans and critics.

Now, without further delay, grab the Unravel free piano sheet music from Tokyo Ghoul and start rehearsing your piano skills. Enjoy and do not forget to have fun!

Piano tutorial and cover

Unravel - Tokyo Ghoul piano tutorial

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