Counting Crows - Accidentally in Love (Shrek 2 Soundtrack) sheet music

A funny-named Californian rock band, Counting Crows, released a wonderful song, which we are going to talk about today - Accidentally in Love.

Counting Crows is an American rock band formed out of Jim Bogios, David Bryson, Adam Duritz, Charlie Gillingham, David Immergluck, Millard Powers, and Dan Vickrey.

They sing mainly alternative rock, roots rock, and jangle pop and have been active in the world of music since 1991, and they released their debut album in 1993 – August and Everything After.

Accidentally in Love is a song released by Counting Crows, in 2004, for the opening scene of the 2004 DreamWorks animated movie named Shrek 2.

The free Accidentally in Love piano sheet music is present also in the opening scene of the movie and in the soundtrack, as the opening song.

The song is part of the album Shrek2: Motion Picture Soundtrack and it was also released as a single in May 2004, having on its B-side the two songs American Girls and If I Could Give All My Love.

Accidentally in Love was released as a pop-rock music genre song, with a length of 3:08 minutes.

Even if the song was made for the movie, it also had incredible success on its own, topping the charts in many countries and being nominated for Best Original Song at the 77th Academy Awards.

The length of the free Accidentally in Love piano sheets is of 3:08 minutes and it was released through DreamWorks studios.

The song was written by Adam Duritz, Dan Vickrey, David Bryson, Matt Malley, David Immergluck, and produced by Brendan O’Brien.

There are two music videos made for Accidentally in Love.

The main one was directed by Meiert Avis and the band is not present in the video.

It features a stuffed toy rabbit in a couple’s apartment, coming to life and serenading the girl.

The girl falls in love with him and leaves her boyfriend behind.

The second music video made for the song contains clips from the movie and scenes of Duritz recording the song.

Piano tutorial and cover

Accidentally in Love (Shrek 2 Soundtrack) - Counting Crows piano tutorial

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