Within Temptation - All I Need sheet music

Today’s choice for you is a beautiful song by Within Temptation - All I Need.

Within Temptation is an incredible Dutch metal band, starting their career in 1996.

Sharon den Adel and Robert Westerholt formed the band and they have been classified as a gothic metal and symphonic metal.

Their latest album is named Resist and was released in 2019.

The album incorporates influences from other musical styles such as industrial and EDM.

The free All I Need piano sheet music was released in November 2007, as part of the band’s fourth studio album named The Heart of Everything, from 2007.

All I Need was also released as a single, and has on its B-side The Last Time, Frozen, Our Solemn Hour, and Hand of Sorrow, and was released through Roadrunner studio.

The song is considered a power ballad, part of the symphonic metal and gothic rock music genres.

In its original version, the song has a length of 4:52 minutes and 4:03 minutes in the single version.

The free All I Need piano sheets was described very interesting by Sharon den Adel in an interview:

It's about the fact that [everybody], you know, everybody gets this point in life... And that is what the song is about, that you're trying to hold on to the things that are important, that you try to find something that you can believe in and which is worth living if it's family or the love of your life or (laugh) things that make your life worth [living]

The music video made for All I Need was released on 30 September in Berlin and it features a dream world in the mind of the singer’s character.

In the video, the main character is shown in a hospital bed with images from the dream sequence flickering on a screen connected to her mind via wires.

You can enjoy the song starting from today, as it is available on our website.

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All I Need - Within Temptation piano tutorial

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