Hilary Duff - So Yesterday sheet music

Today, Hilary Duff enchants us with a great song of hers - So Yesterday.

Hilary Duff is an American producer, actress, singer, and songwriter.

She also is active as a businesswoman and writer and she has been active in media since 1993.

Hilary Duff sings mainly pop and dance-pop and was labeled as a teen idol, because of the character she played in the TV series Lizzie McGuire.

Her song So Yesterday brings a wonderful summer-ish feeling, also giving you the power to get over a break-up, as the lyrics and the story is about how the author declares her ex-boyfriend as "so yesterday".

The free So Yesterday piano sheets were recorded by Hilary Duff and released as part of her second studio album named Metamorphosis.

So Yesterday was released in July 2003 and it is considered part of the pop-rock music genre.

The song has a length of 3:35 minutes and was released through Buena Vista and Hollywood studios.

The authors of the free So Yesterday piano sheet music are Lauren Christy, Scott Spock, Graham Edwards, and Charlie Midnight, with the incredible production by The Matrix.

Looking into the song’s composition, we learn that the song talks about a broken relationship and has influences of pop and rock music and that it was composed at a tempo of 76 bpm, written in the key of C major.

The song has also an interesting music video, premiered on MTV on the 24th of July 2003.

The music video made for So Yesterday was directed by Chris Applebaum and it features Hilary Duff playing a break-up prank on her ex, more exactly stealing his clothes – mainly his orange T-shirt that reads "everything is bigger in Texas"- while he is at the beach.

The song and all the information you need to play it on your piano at home are now available on our website and you can enjoy it whenever you have the time.

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So Yesterday - Hilary Duff piano tutorial

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