Pinkfong - Baby Shark sheet music

Some time ago, I heard my child rumbling to some cute little song, and I wondered what it was.

When I did my research, I gladly found one of the most entertaining children's songs – the free Baby Shark piano sheets.

Baby Shark has also an associated dance, and it originates as a campfire song.

It first became very popular in 2016 when Pinkfong released a version of the song with a video that went viral on social media, radio, and YouTube, gaining a billion views.

The song became Pinkfong’s most-viewed video of all time and the song easily entered almost every home around the world.

After its big success, the song has been covered by many artists, such as Samuel, Johnny Only, Ellen DeGeneres, and James Corden.

At its origin, the song was a campfire and chant music genres song, dating back to the 20th century.

It was potentially created by camp counselors which were inspired by the movie Jaws.

The funny dance made for the free Baby Shark piano sheet music features each member of the family of sharks, introduced by the campers, which use their hands to imitate the jaws.

There are many versions of the song and dance, for example, sharks hunting fish or eating people who then go to heaven.

The song’s story is featured in the music video by Pinkfong, released in November 2015, which embraced unexpected success in Asian countries and mainly in Southeast Asia.

The video features the shark family hunting a school fish and shortly after its release, a related mobile app was released.

The app for Baby Shark got in the top 10 most downloaded in South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, and Bangladesh in 2017.

Now we thought of bringing so much joy into your homes also, by uploading Baby Shark on our website and encouraging you to play it at your own piano at home.

Piano tutorial and cover

Baby Shark - Pinkfong piano tutorial

Free PDF download of Baby Shark piano sheet music

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