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When starting this week, we chose a great voice and song – Crucify, by Tori Amos to present to you.

Tori Amos was born in August 1963 and is an American artist, acting as a pianist, singer and songwriter since 1979.

Amos is a classical musician with a mezzo-soprano vocal range, who began composing instrumental songs on piano and is very appreciated by the public and critics.

She sings mainly feminism themed songs, politics, sexuality and religion and plays the piano, harpsichord and Hammond organ.

The free Crucify piano sheet music was recorded by Tori Amos in August 1990.

The song is an A-side and it was released in May 1992, as the fifth single from the artist’s debut studio album named Little Earthquakes.

The song was later included in the compilation album Tales of a Librarian, by Tori Amos.

Crucify was written by Tori Amos and produced by Ian Stanley and Davitt Sigerson, released through Atlantic Records in US and Canada and through East-West international.

We are looking at a 4:58 minutes song, which incorporates a variety of instruments, like an acoustic piano, vocals, bass, drums, percussion, mandolin, ukulele and many engineering like mixing, assistance and sound recording.

The song was released as an EP in the US and as a single in Australia and Europe and it embraced unexpected success.

Crucify sold approximately 450,000 copies in the US and was about to win a Gold certification.

Because of its success, you can find on the market also other versions, covered by famous artists such as Sharon den Adel, Nolwenn Leroy or Within Temptation.

The music video made for the free Crucify piano sheets was released in 1992 and it was directed by Cindy Palmano.

The video features images of Tori Amos playing the piano and climbing into a bathtub fully dressed.

Piano tutorial and cover

Crucify - Tori Amos piano tutorial

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